“I first experienced oil painting in my pre-teen years. After borrowing my father’s oil paint set, I quickly acquired my own.”

Since those early years, Beth has rarely used another medium to express her art. Beth’s oil paintings reflect the ever-evolving history of her life and the role the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley has played in it.

Beth has been a full-time artist since 1984. A self-taught artist, Beth has created her own style. She feels that through the medium of oil painting, she can give depth and dimension to a scene that a camera cannot capture. Beth’s eye for fine line detail and the use of vibrant and earth tone colors give life to her paintings.

Many of her scenes depict the Snake River Valley that was a small section of the Lewis-Clark Expedition. The flow and banks of the Snake River have dramatically changed yet hills and rock bluffs stand mostly the same. Like a historian would write down the facts about a subject she may be researching, Beth is able to do the same with brushstrokes on board and canvas, recording the beauty of the surrounding hills, valleys and other various landscapes in our area for future generations. Each painting she completes preserves a special experience in her life.

As Beth states, “At a young age, I recognized the beauty of my place of birth…the attraction stimulates all of my senses.”